Unique experiences

Question: You mention that your holidays are unique experiences – what do you mean by that?

Answer:  Well our holidays are unique experiences because they are not run of the mill.  Yes you get the fitness, walking, cooking or spiritual sessions which you might find on other holidays of the same name.  But what I mean by unique experiences is you won’t be surrounded by tourists, expensive gift shops or busy tourist attractions. 

It is very rare if not completely unheard of to see another person who is not Italian.  The region that our holidays are based in are typically Italian.  Not Italy of today though but Italy of maybe 20 years ago.  They are based in a little village called Faicchio which has a medival castle but also is surrounded by agricultural fields, olive groves and vineyards. 

People in this region live well into their 90s if not 100s.  It is not unusual to see Italians outside of their houses gossiping, men in the local Piazza playing cards in the shade or young children running around playing happily.  On a Sunday after church the bars are full with people chatting, having coffee or just relaxing.  People walk up and down the main road through the village.  Especially the young girls and boys looking for love.  Many a romance has been started with these walks.  If young people are courting (which they still do in this part of Italy), then it is not unusual to see a chaperone walking along with them.  It is all very old fashioned but beautiful in its innocence. 

This area of Italy is also great for olive oil, wine and is renowned for its good quality, fresh food.  Now you might think the majority of Italy is renowned for its food, yes it is.  But where does that food come from?  It comes from the region of Campania where Faicchio is situated.  So the food is really fresh and home grown.

Our holidays are also unique because you end up in strange places.  Not strange in a negative way but you have experiences.  For example, one of our guests hired their own car and decided to take a drive around the region.  Well they ended by going through some incredibly small back roads with lots of older Italian women and men swearing at them and just looking at them in strange ways.  They thought this was hilarious.  We have also heard of guests visiting Matese (National Park of Beauty) and ending up having a wonderful picnic with an Italian family whilst looking at the wild horses. 

Another guest told us of an experience they had visiting a local farm.  They were taken on a tour of the farm seeing the animals and then sat down to what they thought was a light lunch.  Well this lunch took about three hours and they ate fresh homemade Italian sausage with vegetables and cannellini beans, Linguini with mushrooms (picked that morning from their woods), roasted breast of chicken with ham and mozzarella and fresh vegetables.  They topped all this with, apparently, lots of wine and rolled back to the hotel thoroughly happy and content.

These are the sort of unique experiences which just happen.  They are not planned and can surprise you and leave you with memories that will stay with you forever.  Yes you get the fitness sessions, walks, cooking classes and spiritual retreats but what really stays with you is the region, the experiences you have on the walks and the people you meet along the way. 

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