Sulphur Springs and Gardens in Telese Terme

 Here’s a little background information to familiarize yourselves with this area: Telese is a  pleasant town at the foot of Mount Pugliano. The sulphur springs of Telese Terme are found near Benevento in Campania in Southern Italy. The mountain’s slopes provide a sulhpur stream to feed the thermal baths in the area.

Thermal baths are an aspect of how the volcanic landscape benefits Italian experiences that can be had on holiday there, showing eager visitors that there is more to volcanic landscapes than fertile farmlands. Sulphur springs are relaxing and a great experience if you’re in Southern Italy they’re really is nothing like it at least not here in the UK.  

The volcanic landscape also has other benefits like a rich soil perfect for growing the beautiful gardens in and around Telese. They really are spectacular. The whole area is very lush and really combines nature with more conventional activities. I find this quite amazing and be astounded by the natural beauty of Southern Italy whilst also benefiting from the luxuries of hot springs and garden walks.

terme di telese 2


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