Piedimonte the Market Town You’ll Never Want to Leave

The drive from Piedimonte to Matese is stunning rivalling the beauty of the Amalfi Coast which in case you didn’t know is completely astounding as a key area of Italy’s finest natural wonder. The views there are breathtakingly beautiful an explosion of natural goodness and Italian culture. It’s one of the best places to enjoy your holiday in Southern Italy.  Piedimonte is based at the bottom of a mountain and is a bustling town bursting with life and culture it’s practically a culture explosion with markets and shops to spend hours drifting through. You’re eyes will never tire of rows of Italian boutique culture with every glance a new idea of the depth of Italy’s sophisticated undertones.

The market in Piedimonte is also extraordinary – a truly must see in the area. If you don’t see it I can honestly say there will be a hole in your Southern Italian experience.  Life, noise and heart flows through the town’s market. However it also has a range of boutique designer stores adding sophistication to the Piedimonte experience whether it’s shopping or exploration. That’s the great the thing about the town even though it may appear quaint it has layers of the different aspects of Italian town life. Personally I love markets. The hustle and bustle of avid buyers and sellers of fantastic wares interests me because it’s a huge interaction with the local people and an example of cultural exchange. There’s almost too much to look at, it’s amazing to experience the kind of excitement discovering new things at a market brings. You’ll never be bored or want to leave. 



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