Monte Cassino a Little Slice of Missed Italian History.

If you know anything about the second world war then you would have heard about Monte Cassino.  Situated in Southern Italy near Naples, Monte Cassino was practically devastated in the Second World War. 

The allied destroyed the historic hilltop abbey fearing that it formed part of the Germans’ look out posts.  Unfortunately, the Germans had only manned the steep slopes below the Abbey’s walls.  In February 1944 the allies dropped 1,400 tons of bombs on it.  However this was not the end.  The Germans decided to take cover in the abbey itself.  Realising this the allies continued their assault and began dropping bombs on the abbey.  There were over four battles in Monte Cassino which lasted a number of months. 

Over 70,000 people were either killed or injured.  Sadly some of those were people that had taken refuge in the abbey.  The Battle of Monte Cassino was a turning point in the war and allowed the allied troops to take Rome some time later.  

Today however the abbey has been restored and there are memorials to those that died.  You can visit the abbey itself and the memorials on the hillside.  It is a humbling experience visiting Monte Cassino.  It is stunning in its views and scenery and well worth visiting if you are in the area. 

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