Ice-cream, made in Italy

Strawberry? No, lemon. No, chocolate. No, pistachio. Mmm… Maybe coconut… What about stracciatella?…
To choose an ice-cream seems easy but it isn’t. Especially for a glutton like me! I would have one with all kinds of flavours possible and imaginable but, for € 1.50, you can only get three. So, which ones to choose?
There are so many, between classical and more sophisticated ones, that I think it is just not fair to pick only three flavours! Also because I’ve never figured out why only three and not four or five (and does the whipped cream on top count?)…
Up until now, among all the combinations of tasted, my favourite is mango, blackberry and green apple but, as far as my gluttony goes, I just can’t live without chocolate! Sometimes combined with strawberry, others with coconut and, most of the times, with mint. Yes, mint and chocolate… That’s it!
I am very fond of special flavours so, at an ice-cream fair in Rome, I had the opportunity to taste flavours of all kind created by master ice-cream makers. In the end, my favourite was, without doubt, Black Forest, chocolate with cherries, hazlenuts and flakes of plain chocolate on top… No problems with my figure after that, I swear!
A good ice-cream is a state-of-the-art thing in Italy, either if it’s imitating the taste of english trifle or inventing something new such as the limoncello taste of Capri.
To have an ice-cream is very nourishing and it is even more nourishing to eat it in good company, lose yourself in all those inviting colours and choose the ones you like the most.
By the way… Hazlenut? No, melon. No, red fruits. No, Puffo (Smurf in english – it is actually blue, like the Smurfs, and its taste is a mix between anisette and mint). Mmm… Maybe crème caramel… Liquorice?… 

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