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Question: I’m keen to try a fitness holiday but don’t really know what to expect. I have average fitness that I would like to improve – would this type of holiday be too hard for me? What sort of exercise will be on the itinerary?

We offer two types of fitness holidays: boot camp and mature fitness.  Don’t be put off by the names.  Our fitness holidays are designed around you, your desires and more importantly abilities.  In plain English you can work as easy or as hard as you like.  You don’t have to attend all the exercise sessions, but can if you want to. 

Some guests go sightseeing in the mornings and pick up the later exercise classes.  Others do the morning classes and then gone off sightseeing in the afternoon.  Some guests come to the first class of the day and then do their own thing.  Others blast through every class.  Our basic philosophy is we want you to get the best out of your holiday in your way.  Relax and have a good time.  That’s why our vacations are always as unique as you are.  

We’ve learned not to look at someone’s age but the person.  We’ve had many mere mortals and our share of superhuman fifty, sixty and seventy something’s enjoying fitness and wellness holidays with us.  We have adapted holidays and retreats for those with any health condition you can think of.  The core to our success is the holistic approach we take to fitness and wellness.

We know “holistic fitness” sounds like something a bunch of hippies might do with shovels.  It’s actually a hard-headed acceptance of the needs and stresses of life.  It combines the management of aches and pains with the attainment of peace of mind, health, wellness and unashamed beauty.  What’s better is it actually happens all in one programme, time and place in Southern Italy. 

You’ll take part in a range of sessions, each with a specific purpose and benefit.  These include, functional circuit training, running and interval load training, absolute skipping, skip and core stretch, Neo yoga and seated meditation, walking and hiking, boxing, Ki-boxing and moving meditation.  All these sessions are popular with guests but the most popular is “The Green Workout”. 

The Green Workout is taken outside come rain or shine.  Luckily enough the weather around Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is generally “Shine”.  It combines the satisfaction of a job well done, education on good body movement with rejuvenating effects of manual work, moving mediation and the sun.  In addition to the group sessions above we offer personal programming, support and advice sessions, all included in the price of a holiday. 

But we offer more than just fitness and wellness retreats and holidays.  You can learn to cook real Italian cuisine, enjoy eating your efforts and work off the results of amazing food on your waist line by joining a few fitness sessions each day.  Go walking and hiking with us and finish the day with a yoga and meditation or rejuvenation session aimed at getting rid of aches and pains each evening.  We are happy to accommodate your style of holiday at a great price, guaranteed. 

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