Exploring Matese The Italian Rural Idyll Town

When you think of the rural idyll, do you think of Matese? Well you should. A landscape like this is so beautiful it’s a gift just to look at it because of its mountainous glory and wildlife. Places like this are hard to come by especially if you live in a place like me in rainy England where the sunshine is rare and the wildest animal is a fox. So for a little slice of where the grass is actually greener I recommend a relaxing day in Matese. Of course the area is versatile and tourist friendly but Matese has a more natural hue to it with wild horses, hiking and open spaces to enjoy picnics and other fun activities.

Let’s explore the national park of Matese. I know from previous posts you could probably tell that I love a good hiking trail or rural walk even more so against the rustic backdrop of Italian scenery. I know hiking boots aren’t exactly the Gucci sexy we all picture when we think ‘Italian’ but it’s one of the best experiences to be had from this local area. The views really are something special. However if hiking isn’t your cup of tea Matese is also a wonderful relaxation spot.  Mountains in the background with a sunny breeze on an Italian day hands down beats rainy England and  can really relax a person and take them back to a calm place before all the deadlines and crowded tube stations. Let’s face it sometimes we all need some downtime so I recommend you enjoy this fantastic area. 




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