Monte Cassino a Little Slice of Missed Italian History.

If you know anything about the second world war then you would have heard about Monte Cassino.  Situated in Southern Italy near Naples, Monte Cassino was practically devastated in the Second World War.  The allied destroyed the historic hilltop abbey fearing that it formed part of the Germans’ look out posts.  Unfortunately, the Germans had … Continue reading “Monte Cassino a Little Slice of Missed Italian History.”

Walking Holidays Just Got a Whole Lot Better (and more Italian)

what are your first impressions of a walking holiday: Scenic routes and gentle refreshing exercise? Surely a view like this adds a different dimension to your holiday. It may only be walking but these views will leave you breathless.  The natural beauty of Sorento is an inspirational source of motivation to enjoy a holiday whilst keeping healthy and enjoying the Italian dream. Don’t be … Continue reading “Walking Holidays Just Got a Whole Lot Better (and more Italian)”

The Royal Caserta Palace

This glorious palace is one of the many cultural discoveries to be made in Italy. A beautiful setting to fully immerse yourself with the richness of Italian culture and history. As you can see there is a lot more to an Italian holiday than amazing food and sun, its a truly dimensional holiday offering you … Continue reading “The Royal Caserta Palace”

The New Italian Reality

What is your dream holiday? Is it packed with breath-taking  views like this one? The view in the photo below is just a glimmer of the richness and natural beauty this area of the Amalfi Coast has to offer.  This is the end of dreaming about long missed sunshine and beautiful scenery.  We know our … Continue reading “The New Italian Reality”

Approaching Casa Sofia

What can be better than a relaxing villa? Somewhere quiet, tranquil and relaxing away from tourist throngs. This is the view we all need and want when approaching an Italian villa.   Casa Sofia is located in Sorento near Naples is on the Almafi Coast a perfect location for soaking up the sun and relaxing. 

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