San Pasquale Monastery

The San Pasquale Monastery is a beautiful  location in Southern. Proving to hundreds of avid holidays makers that there is more to Southern Italy than Rome and sunshine. Although the sunshine is fantastic and a much needed break to what seems like endless rain here in the UK, a historical eye opener can open up a different … Continue reading “San Pasquale Monastery”

Traveling To Italy Is More Than Pasta

Faicchio – the town described in our last post is beautiful Italian rural village. To sum it up, it’s cultural, beautiful and interesting , making a great starting point of exploring Italian culture on a native level. Something I’m sure many people would appreciate as the authentic Italian experience is more appealing than tourist shops and beaches.  There is something … Continue reading “Traveling To Italy Is More Than Pasta”

Faicchio the Hidden Gem Of Southern Italy

Travelling to the Campania region of Italy isn’t just about visiting Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii etc.  Yes those places are beautiful and truly worth the visit if you are in the area.  But there are places in the Campania region that are just as beautiful, quite, unique and give you the sense of being … Continue reading “Faicchio the Hidden Gem Of Southern Italy”

Car Hire Advice

We suggest that people hire a car for travelling around our region of Italy because public transport doesn’t always get you to the best rural villages.  There are excellent buses and trains from bigger cities but when you get to rural villages these aren’t so good.  Hiring a car means that you can get around … Continue reading “Car Hire Advice”

Beauty On Your Doorstep

 I bet you never believed something so beautiful could be so close, but a Casa Sofia the local views are beyond the grey monotone  spaces of the city. They are a doorway of sunshine to your Italian holiday. This photo is one the many examples of the naturalistic beauty of the area, of course there are many more scenic … Continue reading “Beauty On Your Doorstep”

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