A Simple “Hello”

Italy is one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries I have ever been to.  Not only is the food a mouth-watering experience but people are really polite.  I can’t comment about Northern Italy, but in Southern Italy where I have visited people always say ”Good morning”.  It is common to walk in to a … Continue reading “A Simple “Hello””

So What Times Are Hard, Let’s Make The Most Of It

Anyone who’s read a newspaper will know that the economy isn’t fantastic to say the least and everyone is feeling the pressure. We want to help relieve the pressure and bring joy and happiness through an Italian experience whether it be a relaxing health holiday or just family fun.  So although our holidays are not the typical tourist hotel package deal they are still great … Continue reading “So What Times Are Hard, Let’s Make The Most Of It”

The Royal Palace. A Regal Experience

What do you know about Italian history?  To be honest if you aren’t a history buff you won’t be familiar with the Caserta Palace (or Reggia di Caserto in Italian.) So here’s a quick overview of the basic facts. The Royal Palace of Caserta is the  former royal residence in Caserta in Southern Italy, it … Continue reading “The Royal Palace. A Regal Experience”

Hand On Italian Cooking- Culture and Fun all in One

There is something about the iconic pizza that draws us to Italy. Maybe it’s the roundness or perhaps the sense of comfort we get from eating the well known Italian dish.  Here’s some fun facts about pizza: The largest pizza ever made was 122 ft. and 8 inches in diameter. The pizza needed 9,920 lb of flour, … Continue reading “Hand On Italian Cooking- Culture and Fun all in One”

Can Holidays be Healthy and Fun?

Yes fun and healthy holidays do exist and what’s more they’re in Southern Italy. I’m sure everybody will tell you how beautiful the hills, valleys and scenic routes look, but can they tell you how it feels to experience them closely? Sunlight beating down on green fields and a soft breeze frame the great opportunities that a walking holiday … Continue reading “Can Holidays be Healthy and Fun?”

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