What is Campania Famous For? (Naples)

Rome, the Eternal City, will always be at the top of most tourists’ list of places to visit in Italy, closely followed by the magnificent city of Florence and the wonders of Venice, but the south western region of Campania probably has the most to offer visitors – and in a relatively small area. Just … Continue reading “What is Campania Famous For? (Naples)”

(continued) Walking Holidays Galore

We provide extraordinarily good walking tours, such as Authentic Italy, which lasts for a week and is available in April, May, June, July, September, October and November. Accommodation is provided at the four star La Facchio Hotel, which offers a choice of twin or double rooms and suites with en suite bathrooms – and stunning … Continue reading “(continued) Walking Holidays Galore”

An Introduction To Walking Tours (To Be Continued…)

The Campania region of south western Italy welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, who come to enjoy this area’s stunningly beautiful scenery, incredible history, magnificent architecture, world class art galleries and museums, amazing culture, a fine cuisine and international level shopping. The capital of this region is Naples, a fast and furious city … Continue reading “An Introduction To Walking Tours (To Be Continued…)”

Sulphur Springs and Gardens in Telese Terme

 Here’s a little background information to familiarize yourselves with this area: Telese is a  pleasant town at the foot of Mount Pugliano. The sulphur springs of Telese Terme are found near Benevento in Campania in Southern Italy. The mountain’s slopes provide a sulhpur stream to feed the thermal baths in the area. Thermal baths are an aspect of how … Continue reading “Sulphur Springs and Gardens in Telese Terme”

Italy and Mountains a Match Made in Heavan

What do you think when you think mountain? If it’s Mt. Everest then you’re a little far fetched from the mountains I’m talking about because they are much closer to home. I’m talking about the beautiful Italian mountains that provide a background to a beautiful landscape.  There’s something about mountains that awe us, maybe it’s the grandeur imposing on us. Something that … Continue reading “Italy and Mountains a Match Made in Heavan”

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