Fitness holiday

Question: I’m keen to try a fitness holiday but don’t really know what to expect. I have average fitness that I would like to improve – would this type of holiday be too hard for me? What sort of exercise will be on the itinerary?

We offer two types of fitness holidays: boot camp and mature fitness. Don’t be put off by the names. Our fitness holidays are designed around you, your desires and more importantly abilities. In plain English you can work as easy or as hard as you like. You don’t have to attend all the exercise sessions, but can if you want to.

“Put on your walking shoes and discover the Italy of your dreams”

Believe or not, the real Italy of your dreams still exists. Away from hordes of tourists that drive you crazy, with food and wine that tastes how you think food and wine should. With some of the most beautiful walks, scenery and places for you to visit in the world, let alone Italy. Where is the place of your dreams? The Campania region of Southern Italy.

The secret to youth

Have you ever wondered what the secret to youth is? We have developed a unique holiday experience which combines good food, wine, fun company with a little bit of exercise.  Our special walk and dine programme combines walking and stretching exercises in stunning surroundings in a small quaint village near Naples, Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.  … Continue reading “The secret to youth”

Unique experiences

Question: You mention that your holidays are unique experiences – what do you mean by that?

Answer: Well our holidays are unique experiences because they are not run of the mill. Yes you get the fitness, walking, cooking or spiritual sessions which you might find on other holidays of the same name. But what I mean by unique experiences is you won’t be surrounded by tourists, expensive gift shops or busy tourist attractions.

Corrie & Steve

The villa was a great base from which to explore the region and we thoroughly enjoyed our trips to Telese, Rome and Sorrento, as well as Faicchio itself and the morning spent at Arenella Farm was a fantastic experience which we will always remember.  We were really impressed with how well resourced and maintained Casa … Continue reading “Corrie & Steve”

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Dining al fresco VILLA SOFIA
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