Facebook villa rental advertising fraud

Lately I have been hearing about some awful experiences involving frauds when booking villas via facebook.  This really upsets me in many ways.  Firstly, I believe that holidays are sacred.  People have saved hard and looked forward to a break with their families.  To have that ruined in such a horrible way is upsetting and … Continue reading “Facebook villa rental advertising fraud”

My English-Italian Wife and the World of Frozen the Movie

Our latest blog as written by my husband George. A number of years ago I was working part-time as a gym instructor. One evening in walked a beautiful young thing who was to become my wife. I took a liking ..

Ice-cream, made in Italy

Strawberry? No, lemon. No, chocolate. No, pistachio. Mmm… Maybe coconut… What about stracciatella?… To choose an ice-cream seems easy but it isn’t. Especially for a glutton like me! I would have one with all kinds of flavours possible and imaginable …


Telese is a 10 minute drive from Faicchio and is famous for its thermal baths. The park is situated in a vast oasis of century-old trees. It offers two thermal pools, a garden bar, an amphitheatre and a restaurant. The baths are renowned for its rehabilitation services and many people visit from across the world.  … Continue reading “Telese”


Eating a pizza in Italy is as normal as having pasta or any other food for lunch or dinner (my friend Luca has it for breakfast in the morning!). You can either have it served during the day as a take-away pizza, cut into slices and wrapped up in paper (as you would get fish … Continue reading “Pizza”

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