A Home From Home

A snippet of the villa's comfortable and relaxing lounge .
A snippet of the villa’s comfortable and relaxing lounge .

Getting away for that perfect break doesn’t mean you should go without your creature comforts. Casa Sofia provides a comfortable homely environment for everyone to enjoy on that perfect get-a-way.

 Forget feeling homesick Casa Sofia is the perfect place to put your feet up and  relax whilst enjoying the beautiful Italy. 

Villa’s such as this provide not only privacy away from the tourist traps and bad room service but also a greater immersion with Italian culture (and of course a comfy home away from home to retire to after a busy day.) 

Experience Southern Italy Cooking

Southern Italian Cooking is something that must be experienced with every one of your senses.  It has got to be one of those must-do things on the bucket list of anyone’s life.   Italy is a place where meals are meant to be shared, where dining is a way of life and where food is fresh – it looks good, is delightfully prepared and tastes absolutely delectable.

So why not think about a cooking holiday.  Click on the relevant pages for more information. 

The traditional holiday

Are the days of the traditional family holiday soon to be a relic found in the dusty dungeons of museums past?  While family life and work life is changing, so too is the type of holiday that people are looking for.  Now wanting more than just a few days of pampering at some spa, fitness and wellness holidays are becoming the latest and best holiday around.  Offering a range of packages to choose from, they offer beautiful surroundings as well that feed your body, mind and spirit.

Fitness and wellness holidays offer people a chance to have a holiday designed for themselves because their focus is actually on you.  There are many types of fitness holidays allowing you to choose whether you want an intense physical workout, one built around your age, an injury or just looking to get some advice on the best type of workout for you.  If you want exercise and advice, a fitness holiday is sure to be a winner.  You will return home feeling accomplished, rejuvenated and motivated to continue your exercise program – even through the holidays!

But if you are looking for a more relaxing holiday, one that offers you a chance to reconnect with yourself or inner spirit, learn new coping skills, or perhaps help dealing with a personal issue?  Well, then you will want to consider a Wellness holiday.  Find the right type of meditation that suits you.  Get a personal coach.  Learn some unique techniques that help you cope with your daily life.  These wellness programs are all about you – finding that inner connection back to source, a place where love abounds.  See that it is possible to change your life.

There’s even personal holidays where you can get daily hypnotherapy sessions to work on a matter from your life that you really want to change.  How wonderful to gain insights everyday, and while you integrate them, imagine the freedom to choose whether you want to rest, walk around and see the local sights, pamper yourself with a massage or join an exercise class. 

It get’s even better.  What if you could do all this in Southern Italy?  Jackpot!  Don’t forget there’s walking holidays and cooking holidays around Southern Italy too.  Now all you have to do is choose!

Walk and dine

guests making pizzasWhen you are thinking of booking your cooking holiday why not consider our walk and dine package.  Spend your mornings cooking fabulous italian food and your afternoons walking off all the calories and exploring rural Italy.  A perfect holiday.  Click on holidays, walking, walk and dine or call Louisa 01245 357132