Of the many millions of tourists who visit Italy each year, a small minority choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the country’s famed cities and towns and opt for a country retreat off the beaten track to relax and regenerate their batteries. While enjoying the clean air, peace and quiet, they also like the option of sightseeing in the area when a change of pace is required.

Our villa, Casa Sofia, is one such idyllic destination, in the town of Faicchio. It is the ultimate get away retreat for couples or families with children and offers all the luxuries of modern day living within a verdant forest setting far from the madding crowds. Casa Sofia is secluded from its neighbours but is still close to a whole host of fantastic architectural and historical sites, quaint villages, excellent restaurants, pizzerias, cafes and bars. The villa is fully equipped with every kitchen gadget, a double bedroom with plenty of storage space and a well fitted bathroom, as well as extra sleeping accommodation in the lounge, which has a TV and other mod cons. Cribs for babies and other necessities for children are provided. There is an outside splash pool, a gym available on request, a barbeque and seating areas to enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside. There is a fireplace for winter warmth and air conditioning for the summer months. The town has a supermarket, but when self catering becomes a chore, there is a great restaurant just a two minute walk away. A cleaning service is provided on Fridays.

There are excellent transportation links by bus and train to the tourist sites of the area and to the glorious beaches on the coast, but visitors to Casa Sofia will benefit from having a hired car to get to Telese Terme, the nearest station. Casa Sofia is located an hour and a half from the spectacular Amalfi Coast where one can visit the medieval towns of Amalfi, Sorrento, Positano and Ravello, as well as the famed islands of Capri and Ischia. Naples is a forty minute drive away and Pompeii and Herculaneum are also close enough for a day tour. The quaint towns and villages in close proximity to Faicchio include Telese, which has rejuvenating sulphur springs; Caserta, famed for its exquisite Royal Palace and gardens, as well as its haute couture boutiques; and the mountaintop Piedimonte Matese, with its stunning churches and views. Winter visitors enjoy skiing in the mountains around Matese and hiking around the azure lakes, while summer tourists can head to the miles of beaches where chairs, sun loungers and umbrellas are provided and there is a proliferation of restaurants, cafes and bars close to the sand, as well as great shopping venues just a few metres from the beaches.

We are also able to organise special packages, which include a fitness program for a wellness option, walking tours of the area for the energetic, or cookery classes for those with a culinary bent. 




As one of the world’s greatest tourist destinations, Italy has something for everybody, from the Alps in the north all the way to the tip of the boot in the south. A land of great natural beauty, it has mountains, rivers, lakes and the dramatic coastline of the Tyrrhenian Sea to its west and the Adriatic Sea to its east. Italy has an abundance of historical and architectural sites, including the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world; a vast collection of priceless art displayed in magnificent museums; fascinating cultures in each of its regions; modern cities and a glorious cuisine.

In order to cater to the millions of tourists traversing the country each year, there is a great selection of hotels, inns, agriturismos and villas to suit every pocket. One way of seeing a lot of the country and keeping away from the hoards of tour bus tourists who crowd the main hotels is to rent a villa in each chosen destination. Villa rental is a fine choice for those travellers who prefer to do things their own way, as well as ensuring some peace and quiet during their tour of the country, but there are some down sides to this option. Most villas are booked through the Internet and there is always the possibility of arriving at one’s booked villa, only to find that the inviting pictures shown on the website have been airbrushed to make it look much more inviting than it is in reality. Another con to renting a villa is that many are not on local transport routes or that the bus or train service to the area is very infrequent, necessitating the hiring of a car in order to get out and about to see the sights. Yet another problem is that of arriving at the chosen villa, only to find that it has not been cleaned after the departure of the last group of people, or that the promised facilities and amenities are nowhere to be seen.

 On the pro side, there are many thousands of happy holidaymakers who successfully rent stunning villas for their vacations. The options are many, from five star luxury villas with full cleaning staff and a chef, to those with more prosaic tastes and a laid back lifestyle. Many villas have swimming pools set in pretty gardens, making them the ideal choice for families. Almost all villas on the holiday rental market in Italy come fully furnished, with all the necessary utensils for cooking and eating in, linens, towels and the like.

One particularly fine example of a villa for rent is Casa Sofia, in the Campania region of south western Italy. It is located in a quiet rural locale, but has easy access to nearby Naples, Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii and the splendid Amalfi coast. Recently fully refurbished, it has a double bedroom plus a sofa bed in the lounge, the kitchen is fully equipped with every modern convenience, it has a splash pool and a gym (on request). The nearby village has a good selection of restaurants and bars, a supermarket and quaint little shops.





The entire Campania region has lots to offer the tourist who wishes to combine sightseeing with the quiet and verdant idyll of an agriturismo hotel. The main city in the vicinity is Naples, but Salerno, Sorrento, Positano and the glorious islands of Capri and Ischia are all just a short hop away – and are all ideal destinations for day tours. There are architectural wonders such as churches, palaces and castles, world class art galleries, museums and archaeological sites such as the ruins of Pompeii, as well as scenic drives along the magnificent Amalfi coastline to be enjoyed. 

Travelling around the Campania region is easy on public transport in Naples, along the Amalfi coast and to Pompeii, although one has to make one’s own way from our agriturismo lodging to the station. Each area is divided into, and daily tickets are issued for specific zones, so one can hop on and off buses or trains within that particular zone. The many restaurants and cafes in the cities and towns of Campania offer superb and fresh food and some of the best coffee in the world when one needs refuelling and to have a rest. 





Our facility, Casa Sofia, is fully air conditioned and has been recently renovated and tastefully decorated. It is located within a wooded area and comprises one large bedroom with extra sleeping space on a sofa bed, suitable for children, in the lounge. It has every modern convenience including a fully equipped kitchen, a gym, a splash pool, TV, a DVD, CDs, reading material and well designed outdoor areas. Small children are well catered for, with a cot, a booster seat, a variety of toys and a small paddling pool. There is also a restaurant just a two minute walk away from Casa Sofia which serves the traditional cuisine of the area. 




outside casa sofia


Campania, the south western region of Italy which covers the area between the Amalfi Coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea and the inland mountains, has a glorious history dating back centuries, stunning scenery, a magnificent cuisine, large cities and tiny villages and the friendliest of people who welcome the many tourists who flock to this wonderful destination.

Translated into English, the Italian word ‘agriturismo’ literally means a farm stay, which is a great option for those tourists who wish to head off the beaten track and experience something a little different from the normal impersonal hotels and coach tours. By definition, the locations of agriturismo hotels in Campania are in rural settings, far from the huge and maddening crowds of loud tourists jostling for the best position to see the famous sights in the three minutes allotted by the tour guides.

Our rustic retreat is definitely not a shabbily renovated barn with no running water, but rather a luxurious locale with all amenities available on tap. It is a great choice as a base to explore the surrounding area, or simply as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.