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Villa Sofia is jointly owned by George and Louisa.  

We purchased the villa in 2010 after viewing it online.  When we drove up the private drive towards Villa Sofia we were just taken with its location. The villa itself needed a major overhaul but we had imagination. We remember sitting outside the villa and just hearing the sounds of the birds and wind through the trees.  We realised we had found a piece of paradise in a hectic world.  

The village of Faicchio which is near the villa has everything we could want. Supermarkets, bars, restaurants and the knowledge of knowing that our daughters are safe to play outside and enjoy nature. We can also pop into Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast to enjoy the most beautiful tourist sites Italy has to offer. 2.5 hours away is Rome. So easy to get to and visit. For us it is an ideal location because it has everything. Authentic Italy and famous sites to visit.

A two minute walk from Casa Sofia is Il Sauro restaurant with the most fantastic views of the monastery and Faicchio. It is set in vineyards and the food is wonderful. We recently had a meal there, two starters, four pizzas and wine for 37 euros. So cheap but wonderful. Such a relaxing place to enjoy a meal.

The villa itself is well equipped. Because when we visit we like to have everything around us especially in the kitchen. We have equipped Casa Sofia as if we were staying there all year round. It is our home and we offer the convenience of that to our guests.

We generally live in England but love Italy and enjoy spending time there. It isn’t always easy because of work commitments but when we can our first stop is Casa Sofia. 

It always amazes us how we transform our lives at the villa.  The location allows us time to spend as a family. Laughing, playing with our daughters and just having fun together.

We love the sound of the birds, hearing the wind through the trees and generally relaxing at Casa Sofia. Our daughters love the beauty and nature of the villa’s surroundings.  Our only complaint is that we cant spend more time there. We genuinely love it.

Italy has a special place in all our hearts and we couldn’t imagine being without it.


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