A Simple “Hello”

Italy is one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries I have ever been to.  Not only is the food a mouth-watering experience but people are really polite.  I can’t comment about Northern Italy, but in Southern Italy where I have visited people always say ”Good morning”.  It is common to walk in to a shop and be greeted with “buon giorno”  or “buona sera”.  When walking down the street the people passing will usually say “hello” a welcoming friendly gesture.

It truly shocked me the first time because I didn’t expect it.  I live in Southern England where people really don’t say hello especially if you are out for a walk or you go into a shop.  It was so welcoming to hear people in Italy say a simple “hello”.  It makes you want to go back again and again.  I must be honest I have gone back many times.  It still surprises me even now how friendly people are.

On my last trip I went into a small deli and because my Italian isn’t great I had so much fun trying to ask for some cheeses and hams.  The owners were lovely and really tried to help me.  It was such a fun experience and one I have returned to again and again. 

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