Campania, the south western region of Italy which covers the area between the Amalfi Coast on the Tyrrhenian Sea and the inland mountains, has a glorious history dating back centuries, stunning scenery, a magnificent cuisine, large cities and tiny villages and the friendliest of people who welcome the many tourists who flock to this wonderful destination.

Translated into English, the Italian word ‘agriturismo’ literally means a farm stay, which is a great option for those tourists who wish to head off the beaten track and experience something a little different from the normal impersonal hotels and coach tours. By definition, the locations of agriturismo hotels in Campania are in rural settings, far from the huge and maddening crowds of loud tourists jostling for the best position to see the famous sights in the three minutes allotted by the tour guides.

Our rustic retreat is definitely not a shabbily renovated barn with no running water, but rather a luxurious locale with all amenities available on tap. It is a great choice as a base to explore the surrounding area, or simply as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.