A Simple “Hello”

Italy is one of the friendliest and most welcoming countries I have ever been to.  Not only is the food a mouth-watering experience but people are really polite.  I can’t comment about Northern Italy, but in Southern Italy where I have visited people always say ”Good morning”.  It is common to walk in to a shop and be greeted with “buon giorno”  or “buona sera”.  When walking down the street the people passing will usually say “hello” a welcoming friendly gesture.

It truly shocked me the first time because I didn’t expect it.  I live in Southern England where people really don’t say hello especially if you are out for a walk or you go into a shop.  It was so welcoming to hear people in Italy say a simple “hello”.  It makes you want to go back again and again.  I must be honest I have gone back many times.  It still surprises me even now how friendly people are.

On my last trip I went into a small deli and because my Italian isn’t great I had so much fun trying to ask for some cheeses and hams.  The owners were lovely and really tried to help me.  It was such a fun experience and one I have returned to again and again. 

So What Times Are Hard, Let’s Make The Most Of It

Anyone who’s read a newspaper will know that the economy isn’t fantastic to say the least and everyone is feeling the pressure. We want to help relieve the pressure and bring joy and happiness through an Italian experience whether it be a relaxing health holiday or just family fun.  So although our holidays are not the typical tourist hotel package deal they are still great value for money.  Quality experiences are better than many mediocre ones that will have little affect on your lives.  Of course with this in mind it’s our priority to provide a high quality holiday because we know the importance of fun in hard times.

Our experiences are what build us and positive ones can really change our lives and even though its a time of austerity people still need a break and the chance to enjoy life. After all We only live once. Even if money has become a talked about topic in newspapers and the news it shouldn’t blind you. So enjoy life to the fullest and what better  way do this than a holiday? 

The Royal Palace. A Regal Experience

What do you know about Italian history?  To be honest if you aren’t a history buff you won’t be familiar with the Caserta Palace (or Reggia di Caserto in Italian.) So here’s a quick overview of the basic facts.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is the  former royal residence in Caserta in Southern Italy, it was constructed for the Bourbon kings of Naples in the Baroque styled architecture of the era. It was the largest palace and also one of the largest buildings erected in Europe during the 18th century and clearly one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Palaces bring about a sense of regal glory to the area providing a historic insight in to the beauty of  a great era in Italian history full or art and music. The palace captures the sense of an 18th century Italy greatly with a majestic and cultural feel that will leave even the most amateur historians quaking for a closer insight into Italian History.

The gardens in the picture below are only a glimpse of the beauty of the palace and its grounds of course they are open to the public and fantastic day trip in Southern Italy.