Car Hire Advice

We suggest that people hire a car for travelling around our region of Italy because public transport doesn’t always get you to the best rural villages.  There are excellent buses and trains from bigger cities but when you get to rural villages these aren’t so good.  Hiring a car means that you can get around and see beautiful parts of Campania that you wouldn’t normally be able to visit.  There are small quaint little villages, mountain peaks, national parks, lakes and tourist sites that you can’t visit without a car.

A car also gives you freedom.  You can travel at a time that is convenient to you and we do provide satellite navigation to help you find your way around this region. 

Car hire is really easy.  We always say think about getting a car from the airport you travel into.  It tends to be cheaper and more organised.  Also the cars are in better condition than local car hire companies.  The best part though is that you get your car as soon as you land and you don’t have to wait around for public transport or hire a taxi which is hugely expensive. 

We don’t recommend specific car hire companies but in all the years I have been hiring a car in Italy I think we have used them all.  From my experience I have always found the companies to be professional and really helpful.  Southern Italy has really got is act together when it comes to car hire.  One area where we found it was expensive though was the daily insurance policy for car hire excess.  We have used a company  They were great and it only cost us £40 for one year for European cover.  Well worth it. 


Beauty On Your Doorstep

 I bet you never believed something so beautiful could be so close, but a Casa Sofia the local views are beyond the grey monotone  spaces of the city. They are a doorway of sunshine to your Italian holiday.

This photo is one the many examples of the naturalistic beauty of the area, of course there are many more scenic surprises awaiting you on the Almafi Coast, but it’s good to start somewhere.

Life is too short for dreaming of  sunny landscapes and an escape from home, it’s for taking the opportunity to explore natural Italy or for that matter anywhere but Italy is a better  place to start than any. I hope you enjoy this snippet of scenic Italy and it shows everyone that Italy has more to it than Pasta and Gucci.

local views

Monte Cassino a Little Slice of Missed Italian History.

If you know anything about the second world war then you would have heard about Monte Cassino.  Situated in Southern Italy near Naples, Monte Cassino was practically devastated in the Second World War. 

The allied destroyed the historic hilltop abbey fearing that it formed part of the Germans’ look out posts.  Unfortunately, the Germans had only manned the steep slopes below the Abbey’s walls.  In February 1944 the allies dropped 1,400 tons of bombs on it.  However this was not the end.  The Germans decided to take cover in the abbey itself.  Realising this the allies continued their assault and began dropping bombs on the abbey.  There were over four battles in Monte Cassino which lasted a number of months. 

Over 70,000 people were either killed or injured.  Sadly some of those were people that had taken refuge in the abbey.  The Battle of Monte Cassino was a turning point in the war and allowed the allied troops to take Rome some time later.  

Today however the abbey has been restored and there are memorials to those that died.  You can visit the abbey itself and the memorials on the hillside.  It is a humbling experience visiting Monte Cassino.  It is stunning in its views and scenery and well worth visiting if you are in the area. 

Walking Holidays Just Got a Whole Lot Better (and more Italian)

what are your first impressions of a walking holiday: Scenic routes and gentle refreshing exercise?

Surely a view like this adds a different dimension to your holiday. It may only be walking but these views will leave you breathless.  The natural beauty of Sorento is an inspirational source of motivation to enjoy a holiday whilst keeping healthy and enjoying the Italian dream.

Don’t be surprised but this is not the only natural wonder you will see , Southern Italy is bursting which natural richness – tantalizing us to explore it further and see more.  


The Royal Caserta Palace

This glorious palace is one of the many cultural discoveries to be made in Italy. A beautiful setting to fully immerse yourself with the richness of Italian culture and history. As you can see there is a lot more to an Italian holiday than amazing food and sun, its a truly dimensional holiday offering you more than expected.

The Royal Caserta Palace is a world heritage site formerly the residence of the Italian royalty in Southern Italy. Its beautiful, historic and elegant. However it is but a fraction of the many cultural aspects of Southern Italy. Caserta Palace