Hand On Italian Cooking- Culture and Fun all in One

There is something about the iconic pizza that draws us to Italy. Maybe it’s the roundness or perhaps the sense of comfort we get from eating the well known Italian dish. 

Here’s some fun facts about pizza: The largest pizza ever made was 122 ft. and 8 inches in diameter. The pizza needed 9,920 lb of flour, 198 lb of salt, 3968 lb of cheese, and 1,984 lb of tomato sauce (you obviously won’t be making one this big on your Italian holiday.) Also did you know Italian is the most popular type of ethnic food in America, obviously their taste buds are in the right place! Hopefully this puts you in the mood for some Italian pizza making fun.

The guests at our villa’s have the opportunity to make their own pizzas in the traditional pizza making way. This is done using a traditional oven featured in the picture below. Cooking on holiday is a great way to try out local produce and flavors otherwise missed.  Even if cooking isn’t usually your forte this kind of experience can help you connect with Italian culture through a classic dish.guests making pizzas

Can Holidays be Healthy and Fun?

Yes fun and healthy holidays do exist and what’s more they’re in Southern Italy. I’m sure everybody will tell you how beautiful the hills, valleys and scenic routes look, but can they tell you how it feels to experience them closely?

Sunlight beating down on green fields and a soft breeze frame the great opportunities that a walking holiday can give to you. Not only is it extremely useful in keeping check of our bodies but it opens up another side of holiday-making away from trivial beach hopping. This healthy alternative is good for those people who enjoy connecting on a country’s natural essence. Hence  walking holiday packages are ideal for the inner explorer and intrepid tourist. 

Now. I know some people feel that exercising is not classed as a holiday rather a workout which requires effort , but I beg to differ: gentle forms of exercise such as walking actually calms the mind. A fantastic activity to calm and refresh you on your holiday. Plus look on the bright side you won’t have to go to the gym to burn off those holidays pounds anymore.


San Pasquale Monastery

The San Pasquale Monastery is a beautiful  location in Southern. Proving to hundreds of avid holidays makers that there is more to Southern Italy than Rome and sunshine. Although the sunshine is fantastic and a much needed break to what seems like endless rain here in the UK, a historical eye opener can open up a different perspective on somewhere you felt you already knew.

Whether or not you’ve been to Italy before, you will know it has history the Roman Empire and the Vatican are obvious, but this is something much more refined like reading in between the lines of culture and history.

Religious or not you will enjoy the beauty of this monastery. 

san pasquale monastery


Traveling To Italy Is More Than Pasta

Faicchio – the town described in our last post is beautiful Italian rural village. To sum it up, it’s cultural, beautiful and interesting , making a great starting point of exploring Italian culture on a native level. Something I’m sure many people would appreciate as the authentic Italian experience is more appealing than tourist shops and beaches. 

There is something about the small Italian villages and towns that reminds me of a fairy tale something far to quaint and delicate to be real with a magical sense of culture. I’m still shocked that Southern Italy has managed to hide away these precious gems of settlements away from us for so long. It’s about time the exploration began deeper than beaches and cities.




Faicchio the Hidden Gem Of Southern Italy

Travelling to the Campania region of Italy isn’t just about visiting Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Pompeii etc.  Yes those places are beautiful and truly worth the visit if you are in the area.  But there are places in the Campania region that are just as beautiful, quite, unique and give you the sense of being in Italy not just a local tourist attraction area. 

One such place is Faicchio.  Faicchio is a small, rural village approximately one hour from the centre of Naples.  It is a quaint little village which is typically Italian.  It has a modern part but the old part of Faicchio is lovely to see.  Small narrow pathways which can actually get cars up them.  It never ceases to amaze.  Cobbled roadways and authentic Italian shops where people only speak Italian.

Faicchio has many restaurants and bars.  Il Sauro, a new restaurant is set in beautiful surroundings.  It overlooks the mountain, village and San Pasquale monastery.  It is situated in vineyards and is surrounded by fields.  Outside there are table and chairs to enjoy the warm evenings.  Inside is beautifully decorated.  They serve typically Italian food of the area like, pizza cooked in a wood oven, pasta, mozzarella, home-grown olives.  Wine is homemade and about 2 euros a bottle.  It is easy to visit the restaurant and have a three course meal for two with wine and water and only pay 40 euros.  Very cheap but excellent quality.

Bars are plenty and Linda’s bar has some stunning views of the mountains.  Sitting out under the shade gives a cool breeze especially cooling in the hot summer months.  Il Piccolo Mondo is where all the action is.  Lots of gossip and lovely coffee.  You can also buy a newspaper and magazine.

There are also many shops in Faicchio.  Big and Small is the local clothes shop and has clothes and accessories that will mean you just have to buy them.  Well worth a visit.

However what Faicchio is truly wonderful for is the fact that no tourists visit there.  It is completely Italian and very near to a local Spa town.  Its twenty minutes from Caserta where you can see the Royal Palace and forty minutes from Monte Cassino.  Faicchio is a relaxing place to unwind, see what Italy is all about and visit some beautiful areas of Southern Italy that are unexplored.  That is quite difficult in this day.  When you are in Italy put it on your agenda. Come and visit.